How we manage delivery of our Puppies

We always advise our buyers to pick up their little cuties but we understand this may not always be an option for many people as traveling can be difficult at this time and due to quarantine many families prefer us to ship their puppies directly to them.

For delivering the puppies, we make sure to pick the best airlines and with expert experience to ship pets. Only in such expert hands can we be rest assured the puppies will be well taken care of.

We also make sure the puppies are delivered directly to the homes of the families so we do not need to worry about the transit difficulties and the stress on vetting a home delivery agency. We just need to provide you with a time and date the puppy will be with you.

Information we may need

What we will need to know is the two most nearest airports to your address. This will enable us check the best flights for the puppies and which will be more suitable and convenient for the puppies.

We would also like to know the complete address and the individual who will be available to receive the puppies when they arrive. We would like to know who will be responsible to check and make sure the puppies arrived in all good condition.

If you require any special requirements, you will have to let us know early enough and before the puppies are shipped. Some request may require preparations from our end and needs to be made known early enough so we do not need to alter the delivery plans

Key Notes

After we have booked a flight for the puppy, we will email or call you immediately to relate the delivery information and to make sure you can be available for the puppy’s arrival. We will let the delivery or flight agency contact you directly as well with the airway bill and tracking.

It is very important to note that We can only ship when the puppy is at least 8 weeks old. And we only ship with agencies with pet care professionals on board to maintain strict care of the puppy.

Also, we will only ship when we can guarantee a good weather condition. Booking flights 3 days in advance will give us enough time to guarantee a suitable shipping temperature. In case of poor weather conditions, we will be forced to cancel the flight.