Who we are?

We are Lovely cavapoo Aka Cavoodle lovers and dedicated to breeding cute and lovely cavapoos / Cavoodle for the perfect families. We have been breeding cavapoos / Cavoodle for the past 20 years and we have been able to place over twenty little cuties to their new families.

We fell in love with Teddy Bear Cavapoos / Cavoodle pups because of what they bring to the table. They have an outstanding personality and good-natured. We have owned cavapoo for as long as to know how friendly they can be.

We believe the world will be a better place with these little cutties and we are on a mission to place these affectionate and social lovely pups to as many homes as we can.

Whether you have a cavapoo / Cavoodle, are looking to rescue or purchase a one, or want to learn more about Teddy bear Cavapoo / Cavoodle Puppies we are here to help.

The Lovely Cavapoo / Cavoodle pups

A Cavapoo / Cavoodle Puppies is a mixed breed dog, between the cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This explains why Cavapoos / Cavoodle are one of the best breeds out there as they inherit the best character traits from their parents.

Lovely Cavapoos / Cavoodle Pups are outgoing, curiuos, and playful. They are one of the most loyal breeds out there and also very friendly. They make a great family pet and a best friend to your kids.

As outgoing as they can be, they adore attention as well. They can work pretty well in smaller settings and are definitely the most “agile” and thrive super well in “pack” settings

What you are getting into

If you are looking for a new family member with a personality of “gold,” a loyal and playful dog who loves being cuddled and also enjoys romping around with you or snuggling on the couch, then you are at the right place.

A little cuttie that will adapt so well in any environment. As loving as they may be they quickly make novice owners be full of them and offer the best opportunity to uncover more of their outstanding personality.

Teddy bear Cavapoos / Cavoodle puppies, are great with cold weathers and also gets along well with hot weathers. They are full of energy with a high potential for playfulness and will always keep you on your toes. Buy Lovely cavapoo / Cavoodle puppy for sale below 1000