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About Cavapoo Puppies 

Cavapoos are a cross breed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a miniature Poodle or toy Poodle. They are also known as Cavadoodles or Cavoodles. Most of these small dogs come from the first generation of designer dogs. The term ‘designer dog’ refers to any type of mix between two purebred dogs; whether it’s one generation removed (F1) or half way between both breeds (F1B). Designer dogs are often popular with pet owners who wish to own a small size dog with a hypoallergenic coat and the unique look of a Poodle.

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Why a Cavapoo?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are wonderful dogs. Why would anyone breed one with a mini Poodle?

  • Cavapoos are smarter. Poodles are known for incredible intelligence. Cavapoos tend to be smarter and easier to train than Cavaliers.

  • Cavapoos are hypoallergenic. Because poodles have a nonshedding coat, there’s a very good chance that a Cavapoo won’t shed or will shed minimally. The curlier the Cavapoo’s coat, the less likely to shed.

  • Cavapoos are healthier. Typically a hybrid dog is much healthier than a purebred, because of hybrid vigor. One of the biggest drawbacks to purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is that they are prone to several health issues. In general most Cavapoo owners have found that their hybrid (Cavapoo) far outlives their purebred Cavalier.